The Ojai Garden monarch butterflyFrom the numerous private gardens found throughout Ojai to outdoor Ojai destinations to over a million acres of national forest, The Ojai Garden is the greater Ojai Valley as a giant natural garden to explore, cultivate and learn from.

March 22, 2014

Oaks and Gardens and Drought

Over 40 oak lovers came to the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden on March 15 to see local arborist Michael Inaba of Inaba Horticulture talk about oak tree care. _IGP0728.jpg Mike discussed the water requirements of oaks in detail and highlighted strategies to care for the oaks during the prolonged drought. _IGP0729.jpg
It all begins with the soil, and so Mike explained the structure and texture of soil and the relationship between the trees and soil_IGP0772.jpg To demonstrate an easy way to tell what kind of soil you have at home, Mike filled a jar with soil and water, and shook it up. _IGP0784.jpg
The soil will eventually separate into layers of sand, silt and clay. _IGP0790.jpg Mike passed around material from under an oak in the garden _IGP0764.jpg and everyone had a look. _IGP0767.jpgHe also discussed how the amount of water an oak receives affects its growth and how overwatering increases the need for pruning and can even kill a tree. MIke explained how and when to plant near oaks, and answered questions. Thanks to Mike, many of our local oaks will weather the drought and be here for many years to come. Photos by Les Dublin Oaks&Garden200014Web.jpg

November 09, 2013

Ojai Day 2013

The Demo Garden volunteers helped make the Going Green area just a little greener on Ojai Day, October 19. OjaiDay13Web1.jpgTo celebrate our 20th anniversary year, the gardeners provided information on some of our favorite topics—composting, worms, lawn replacement, edible landscaping, insectary and butterfly gardens, water-wise gardening and California native plants. OjaiDay13Web2.jpg A steady stream of Ojai residents and visitors stopped by to learn about the garden or find answers to their most pressing gardening questions.OjaiDay13Web3.jpgResidents and visitors alike were inspired to use less water in their yards! OjaiDay13Web4.jpgPhotos by Les Dublin.

May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday

The City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden is 20 years old this year, and still as beautiful as ever. 20thAnGardenPoster2013Web.jpg Stop by for a visit and enjoy!

April 05, 2013

Soil Building with Michael Inaba

We had a wonderful Soil Building workshop in the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden last weekend.SoilBuildingWeb1.jpgMike Inaba started out by giving us a little geology lesson, using Les Dublin's workshop publicity photo to illustrate how soil is made.SoilBuildingWeb2.jpgThen he demonstrated a simple method to determine the kind of soil one has, with a little help from some volunteers.SoilBuildingWeb3.jpgHere's the recipe—just add water to soil in a jar, shake for a minute, let it settle for a few hoursSoilBuildingWeb8.jpg and observe the layers of sand, silt and clay. SoilBuildingWeb7.jpgAs usual, Mike kept the audience entertained with amusing anecdotes sprinkled throughout his informative talk. Participants learned all about soil structure, texture, and organisms.SoilBuildingWeb6.jpgMike used some nearby garden soil to help illustrate soil texture. SoilBuildingWeb4.jpgFinally, Mike showed us some soil amendments that can be useful for local gardens, such as organic cottonseed meal and gypsum.SoilBuildingWeb9.jpgEveryone came away with a better understanding of the soil building cycle and why we need to protect our soil. Photos by Les Dublin.

March 24, 2013

Soil Building Workshop

Got loam? Come find out at a free workshop in the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden with local horticulturist Michael Inaba. SoilBuilding2013.jpg Learn all about soil texture, structure, and how to identify what kind of soil you have, then use that information to build richer soil in your garden. This workshop will take place rain or shine on Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM. Seating on the benches is limited so feel free to bring a chair for a comfortable seat.

March 23, 2013

Pictures from February Pruning Workshop

We had a fun and productive pruning workshop in the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden with Master Gardener Charles Duncan in late February._IGP7153.jpg Charles showed us the tools of the trade and even demonstrated how to sharpen shears. _IGP7163.jpg Charles demonstrated pruning out in the garden _IGP7196.jpg and gave some guidance to participants who wanted to try their hand at pruning. Workshop participants set to work pruning a variety of plants in the hummingbird and sage gardens. _IGP7208.jpg Everyone went home ready to tackle their own pruning projects and the garden got some much needed TLC. Thanks Charles! _IGP7258.jpg Photos by Les Dubin.

January 25, 2013

Pruning Essentials

Learn the ABC's of pruning at this free, hands-on workshop with Master Gardener Charles Duncan. This workshop will focus on the essentials of pruning, and is for everyone who wants to know what to do, and when to do it. PruningWorkshop2013WinterSmall.jpg We'll begin with an introduction to essential pruning tools, and essential cuts. After a pruning demonstration in the garden, participants will get a chance to try out their new skills under expert supervision. The workshop will take place rain or shine on February 23 at 10:00 AM in the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden, 401 South Ventura St., behind City Hall.