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March 18, 2007

Heron's Gate

June 03, 2006

Welcome, new Ojai Garden author

We are fortunate to have Susan McRae of California Lavender joining The Ojai Garden as an author. We get to enjoy her unique and fun perspective on gardening, herbs, cooking and more. Keep an eye out for Susan and give her a warm welcome upon her arrival.

April 03, 2006, proud sponsor of Garden Tour 2006

I am pleased to announce that is a top-level sponsor of the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce Garden Tour 2006, a self-guided driving tour of five gardens around the Ojai Valley, taking place May 6. Check out the Chamber's site for info and tickets. I've also put together a little logo for the advertisements and press releases we will be a part of.

The Ojai Garden,, Ojai California

Thanks much for your support of this site, our authors, and our beautifully unique Ojai destinations. Spread the word!

March 29, 2006

Corporate Owned Organic Companies

One of the reasons I grow food is insure the quality and peace of mind knowing it is organic.
When I buy organic products it is important for me to know who I am supporting.
I found this "family tree" which explains who the corporations are that currently own the most popular organic food brands. Here is the link: Corporate Ownership Diagram

March 21, 2006

Imported Organic vs Local Conventional at Whole Foods

Slate Magazine points out in a recent article on Whole Foods that "Let's say you live in New York City and want to buy a pound of tomatoes in season. Say you can choose between conventionally grown New Jersey tomatoes or organic ones grown in Chile. Of course, the New Jersey tomatoes will be cheaper. They will also almost certainly be fresher, having traveled a fraction of the distance. But which is the more eco-conscious choice? In terms of energy savings, there's no contest: Just think of the fossil fuels expended getting those organic tomatoes from Chile. Which brings us to the question: [given the variables of] freshness, price, and energy conservation, should a New Yorker just instinctively choose organic, even if the produce comes from Chile?"

So pretend you live in the Big Apple. What would your choice be?

January 28, 2006

Welcome to The Ojai Garden

The Ojai Garden's name is derived from not only the numerous private gardens found throughout Ojai but also a metaphor of the greater Ojai Valley as a garden to explore, cultivate and learn from. Many gardens throughout the valley blend almost seamlessly into orchards and meadows, and beyond into the millions of acres of national forest bordering Ojai.

Ojai is also home to many businesses and other destinations that maintain stunning gardens that heighten the Ojai experience. From hotels such as the venerable yet newly-remodeled Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and The Lavender Inn, a downtown Ojai bed and breakfast, to healing centers such as the Krotona School of Theosophy and Meditation Mount, Ojai offers endless local outdoor adventures.

This site is a community blog, featuring authors who maintain home gardens to adventurous hikers seeking out flora and fauna to local businesses that take pride in contributing to the beauty of the town. Enjoy your visit and check back in. If you use an RSS reader [?], please add our feed.