The Ojai Community Demonstration Garden

The Ojai Community Demonstration Garden, located in the heart of Ojai on the City Hall Grounds, is an organic garden created and maintained by volunteers. The purpose of the garden is to provide a forum for educating residents about landscape management techniques which reduce waste, while also conserving water.

The garden focuses on waste reduction by demonstrating various composting techniques, including grasscycling and vermicomposting. A demonstration of creative recycling can be seen throughout the garden, in the many benches, walkways and signs that are made from reused materials.

Water conservation is demonstrated through the utilization of drought tolerant plantings appropriate to Ojai’s microclimate, mulching and drip irrigation systems. The organic vegetable garden demonstrates techniques for reducing the use of hazardous yard care products.

There is also an emphasis on wildlife habitats in the garden. Birdhouses are distributed in several locations. A large bed plays host to both migrating and resident butterflies. Another bed is designed to provide nourishment to the many hummingbirds who make their home in the garden. Two ponds accommodate fish and frogs.

Join The Ojai Community Demonstration Garden

The demo garden is used by a wide range of residents in the City of Ojai and the Ojai Valley, by students of all ages, and visitors to the area. The level of involvement can range from taking a casual educational stroll through the garden, to participating in a two hour class, to becoming a volunteer and helping to maintain this valuable community resource. If you would like to volunteer, please leave a message for the garden coordinator at the City of Ojai Public Works Department at 805-646-5581 ext. 203 or e-mail us:

The garden offers periodic workshops given by local horticulturists and arborists on various topics. Upcoming workshop dates are posted on the garden bulletin board. Residents who wish to be on our mailing list may receive mailings or e-mail notifications of upcoming events.

The garden is open to the public every day from dawn to dusk. On site parking and a bicycle rack are available. There is no cost to visitors and all workshops are free. Free educational printed materials are available at the garden bulletin board located in the parking area.

The garden and City Hall grounds are available for rent for private group events. Please call the City of Ojai Public Works Department at 640-2560 or e-mail for information, fees and insurance requirements.